We offer four flight packages.

1. The DISCOVERY FLIGHT is a 15-minute flight with you riding in the rear seat. This flight starts at $269*. Should you wish to fly from the front seat, which is recommended for visibility and is the “pilot-in-command” seat, you may purchase the Front Cockpit Checkout option. When you sit in front, you will act as a “crewmember” and be briefed on the duties up front, such as raising/lowering the landing gear. It’s fun up front and great for hands-on flying! The Front Cockpit Checkout is $30.

2. The TOP-GUN FLIGHT is a 30-minute flight, also in the rear seat. This flight is $440*. This flight is available with two options, the Front Cockpit Checkout and/or the Aerobatic option. Our aerobatics are all positive-G, looping & rolling maneuvers, and are designed with your comfort zone in mind. The Aerobatic option is also $30.

3. The SUPER ACE FLIGHT is the deluxe 30-minute flight and includes both the Front Cockpit Checkout and the Aerobatic option. At $490*, this is our most popular flight!

4. The WARBIRD DREAM FLIGHT is the deluxe 60-minute flight also including the Front Cockpit Checkout and Aerobatic options. We can do a lot of “hands-on” in an hour. This flight is $735*.

*These prices are subject to change.

Thanks for your business and see you at the airport!